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Skin is one of the important natural barriers that works along with our immune system to defend the body against organisms that can cause infection. The skin on our extremities – hands and feet – are the most vulnerable and require additional attention to remain healthy during the cold, dry months of winter.

The podiatrists of Ryan Foot & Ankle Clinic recommend the following to minimize bacterial infection and cracking of the skin:

  • Hydrate – Drink plenty of water each day. Consuming two liters ofwater daily is
    a good goal. Hydrated skin will remain flexible and allow our protective barrier
    to remain intact.
  • Humidify – A humidifier adds moisture to the air to help prevent skin dryness.
  • Hand hygiene – Hand-washing should occur: at the beginning and end of the
    workday; before eating or serving food; before applying make-up; after restroom
    activities; and at other times after contamination.
  • Moisturize – Make sure to apply a moisturizer throughout the day to hands that
    are frequently washed. Consider thick creams that are easily penetrated by the
    skin and specific foot creams to avoid painful cracking heels.
  • Vitamins -Supplements can help keep your skin fueled with the nutrients it
    needs to be healthy. Antioxidants such as vitamin C and B Complex will boost
    collagen and help keep skin clear, while omega 3 fish oils can help decrease
    inflammation and make your skin look soft and supple.

Our podiatrists are experts in treating skin concerns of hands, feet and ankles. Make time for a consultation today to create a personalized hand and foot skin care regime and to identify any potential problems.

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